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Sai & Venu – Tamil wedding in Edmonton

I met Venu & Kalpana in a coffee shop for a consultation on their wedding photography. we had a good chat for about 2 hours and discussed what to expect, and what would be delivered and arrived at the budget and surprisingly they did not negotiate anything and agreed to the quoted amount :)

The Getting ready  

I arrived at their house where the getting ready was happening 15 minutes before the scheduled time (Self appreciation is important). The first picture I clicked 


So I waited for 3 seconds and decided to shoot the wedding with my best patience as Indian weddings are always delayed by a few minutes, like 120 minutes. But to my surprise the Groom was ready and he was a little sad missing his family presence due to covid and i got along the flow and clicked few images 

. The specialty of indian weddings is the flow of the events and is always planned in a random manner and you need to have some Marvel powers to understand and shoot so when this was happening the family rituals started 

offering rice to the god started as the first ritual. 

I totally forgot about the bride in the meantime and wanted to check her status and she was getting ready 

So got few clicks of her as the make artist was keenly working on the bride and a serious discussion about what bindi would suit her 

Brides MOM : Keep it big 

Bride – I need a trending Small one 

Make artist was like what would i do now ??? 

Results of the competition – Bride won (Default result)

On now its my turn to check the Groom where i left him during the video call and he was totally ready .. got some portraits for the groom 

And he wanted to check out the bride so he came to the brides room and this was the first smile 

And from now on the bridal portrait session started 

Got some beautiful bridal images and the game started 

The bride and the groom left to the wedding hall 

The rituals began !!! 

  • Entry  – The groom will be welcomed upon by the bride family and after that the bride will enter . 
  • The next ritual is Malai exchange after the bride and groom arrive to the wedding area 
  • “Kaapu “ sacred knot is tied to the groom and bride till the marriage is over they should not remove it . 
  • Blessing from the parents 
  • And then the wedding Tie three knots of the Sacred Thali 
  • Walking around the fire 
  • Some fun games 
  • Wedding is over 

Oh oh don’t go, the wedding was over in the evening and I packed all my gear and was just about to leave. We had lucky snow that day so requested the bride and the groom to come out to have some shots and we did get some good pictures.

Wedding edmonton tamil wedding candid memory moments
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